Welcome to Veola's


Veola's Day Spa and Wellness Center is located in the heart of Chicago's prominent Beverly Hills community. A full service day spa and wellness center, the facility is located at 2150 W. 95th Street. The building's rich terra cotta, butternut, and teal facade provides a picturesque backdrop reminiscent of Southwestern architecture. Designed, owned, and operated by a mother and daughter team, the spa has a staff of professional service providers offering spa services such as facials, waxing, body scrubs, body wraps, hydrotherapy tub treatments, steam treatments, manicures, pedicures, cellulite treatments, hair care, and a host of other indulgences.

Upon entering the facility, one is welcomed with a smile to jumpstart the relaxation process. The reception area is tastefully decorated with comfortable chairs and mirrored showcases displaying an array of skin, body, and nail care products, essential oils, and novelty gifts. State-of-the-art facial rooms, a hydrotherapy tub room, Vichy shower room, steam room, and nail and hair studio completes the first floor. On the second floor, an oasis of tastful decor features a cafe for spa parties, art gallery, a private suite for couples, endermologie room for cellulite treatments, and massage suites.

Veola's Day Spa is a facility where people can release tension and stress all while honoring themself. This may be considered as pampering to some, but we at Veola's consider it a necessity in order to achieve mind, body, and spirit balance and optimal wellness.