Body Care

Steam Treatments

Relaxing in our steam room stimulates body cleansing through perspiration. Aromatherapy oil can also be added to help stimulate the respiratory system.

  • Steam Room Treatment (15 minutes) - $15
  • Aroma Steam Room Treatment (15 minutes) - $20 ($1.00 per minute thereafter with a maximum of 30 minutes)


Swedish Massage (soothing and relaxing; light to medium pressure; rejuvenates and restores your healthy balance)

Deep Tissue Massage (combined therapeutic & deep tissue massage; focusing on deep muscle fibers; releases chronically tight muscles)

Sports Massage (relaxes tired muscles; improves endurance and flexibility; accelerates muscle recovery)

Reflexology Massage (Asian healing technique; uses pressure to nerve endings on feet or hands; relieves stress; improves circulation; brings balance to the body)

Hot Stone Massage (relaxing; deep heat therapy from a combination of massage and polished basalt lava stones loosens tight muscles; relieves stress; eases tension)

Pregnancy Massage recommended only after the 1st trimester; increases circulation; decreases swelling; reduces muscle and joint pain (consult your physician before receiving any body treatments)

  • 30 minute Hand Reflexology - $35
  • 30 minute Foot Reflexology - $45
  • 30 minute Swedish Massage - $55
  • 30 minute Pregnancy Massage - $65
  • 30 minute Deep Tissue Massage - $75
  • 30 minute Sports Massage - $75

  • 60 minute Swedish Massage - $75
  • 60 minute Pregnancy Massage - $85
  • 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage - $95
  • 60 minute Sports Massage - $95
  • 60 minute Hot Stone Massage - $120

  • 90 minute Swedish Massage - $125
  • 90 minute Pregnancy Massage - $135
  • 90 minute Deep Tissue Massage - $145
  • 90 minute Sports Massage - $145
  • 90 minute Hot Stone Massage - $170
  • Couple's Suite Experience - $20 (add'l)
     (share any of our wonderful body treatments side-by-side with a loved one or friend)

Body Scrubs & Wraps

  • Body Scrub - $60 (stimulates circulation and detoxification; sea salts and aromatic fragrant oils are combined to exfoliate the dead skin cells off of the body; creating a natural body glow and a smooth skin feel)
  • Body Hydrator - $15 (add'l) (a hydrating body oil is lightly applied to the body, leaving you feeling smooth and radiant after your Body Scrub)
  • 7-head Vichy Shower - $20 (add'l)
    (an invigorating shower treatment from seven water jets strategically located above and parallel to the body; creating a powerful vortex of water for the ultimate body scrub experience)
  • Mud Wrap - $70 (the body is exfoliated by dry brushing then covered with a detoxifying mud, and cocooned in a heat reflecting plastic and thermal blanket; eliminates toxins and leaves the skin looking radiant)
  • Seaweed Wrap - $75 (the body is exfoliated by dry brushing then covered with seaweed that contains the ocean's nutrients, minerals, and rare trace element; these elements are absorbed into the blood stream, to revitalize and detoxify the skin and body; a great treatment for getting rid of water retention)


In a contoured tub with 250 jets, we can customize a hydrotherapy treatment to address your individual needs. This treatment stimulates the blood circulation, strengthens the lymphatic system, assists in cellulite reduction, and helps to relieve stress and arthritic conditions. (Please note that these tub treatments are excellent services to receive before recieving a massage)

  • Relaxation Soak - $55 (recommended for clients with heart or hypertension concerns)
  • Lymphatic Drainage Tub Treatment - $60 (recommended for detoxifying)
  • Aromatherapy Tub Treatments - $60 (a fragrant essential oil is added to your tub treatment)
  • Seaweed Bath for Cellulite Reduction - $75
  • Mustard Bath for Arthritic & Muscle Relief - $75
  • Fiber Optic Light Therapy - $10 additional